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Pandora Enhances iPad App, Hits #1 in Online Radio
Pandora Enhances iPad App, Hits #1 in Online Radio
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 15, 2010
Pandora, the online radio station that's light years ahead of everyone else, has just launched its own ad platform for its iPad app. Pandora users will be able to view video and audio ads from within the app, and Lexus, Starbucks and Budweiser are all considering starting target advertising campaigns, according to Advertising Age.

It's been a heroic struggle for Pandora, who started out with a great idea and struggled to make ends meet due to royalty costs. Pandora met with lawmakers, got in the middle of the fight, and duked it out for royalties with the big guns. Founder Tim Westergren started talking about bringing the radio station to a close.

Now FMQB is saying that Pandora was number 1 in radio, from 6AM to midnight, in both April and May. They were ahead of CBS Radio and Clear Channel, who came in two and three respectively. This bodes well for upstart Pandora, who has come dominate the online radio game as the underdog.

This has to be helped by the entrance of Pandora into the automobile dashboard arena, with the announcement that they were going to work with Ford and other car manufacturers on making Pandora a part of an internet-connected dashboard radio.

Pandora has 50 million users total, 30 million on mobile devices alone, and continues to grow.

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