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Google Music Store = Domination?
Google Music Store = Domination?
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 17, 2010

The internet music world domination of Apple and iTunes has a new 800 pound gorilla to contend with -- Google Music. There's a music service brewing at Google that might launch as early as this Fall.

Google Music is likely to be a part of its Android Market, a part of its Android operating system for mobile phones. With Android set to take over Apple's iPhone dominance this year, it's easy to see why Google Music has the potential to be huge.

CNET's got it good that Google Music was shown to a number of people at Google's I/O conference in May, and TechCrunch found a logo hosted on Google's web site that revealed the name of Google Music.

"CNET has learned that Google first stoked excitement among executives at some of the top four major labels during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That's where they revealed some of the features that a Google music store might include, such as tying digital downloads and streaming music to Google's search results," reads a report today from Media Maverick Greg Sandoval.

Theories abound, but it seems most likely that Google Music would offer both music downloads and streaming, over the air and through wifi.

YouTube General Counsel Zahavah Levine has a hand in shaping Google Music, according to CNET, and the theory is that a big race is on to be the first to launch a cloud-based music service is on between Apple and their Lala purchase and Google's Google Music service.


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