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Google Music Store Launch This Year
Google Music Store Launch This Year
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 22, 2010

Last we heard about the new Google Music service, it looked like something big but undefined was going to happen. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting the Google Music Store offering is going to go through a two-part launch.

The first part is a Google Music Store with paid downloads, expected yet this year. The second phase will be a Google Music cloud-based subscription service, due in 2011.

This obviously will put Google in direct competition with Apple and iTunes yet again.

WSJ said the Google Music store will be tied in part to its search engine, allowing users to connect to the store and buy music directly from Google.

Google Music is also likely to be a part of its Android Market, a part of its Android operating system for mobile phones. With Android set to take over Apple's iPhone dominance this year, it's easy to see why Google Music has the potential to be huge.

The second phase, the Google music subscription service, will be integrated into its Android software, so it can be part of any mobile phone running android, and probably tightly integrated with its upcoming Chrome operating system.

YouTube General Counsel Zahavah Levine has a hand in shaping Google Music, according to CNET, and the theory is that a big race is on to be the first to launch a cloud-based music service is on between Apple and their Lala purchase and Google's Google Music service.

Google launched their big Google TV offering at their I/O Conference last month, and it looks like Google TV is set to give online video a swift kick in the pants.


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