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No Age
New Album From No Age: New Sound, New Member
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 28, 2010

Dean Spunt and Randy Randall of No Age have been gettin' busy in Los Angeles over the past year and have come up with a new album. Built on the same No Age foundation we've all come to love, the new work seeks to open up new pathways for the band's music. It's a new age for No Age.

Titled Everything In Between, the new music is one part catchy punk songs with a slight pop edge to them and one part new experimentalism.

"Melody is formed from noise and samples; disorienting rhythms, howling tones, fuzzed-out scuffs, cuts and grazes, and heart-wrenching skree are all vital to embellishing the raw sentiment of the album," reads the description from Sub Pop. At the same time, comparisons are being made to Husker Du and the Ramones.

They've got what's probably the biggest live show of their lives just before the album comes out, playing the Hollywood Bowl with aged luminaries Sonic Youth and Pavement. They also play a number of shows opening for Pavement before that. Tickets are on sale now.

But that's what this next phase is all about for No Age. Taking it to the next level.

"We're pretty ambitious as it is," says Spunt, "but we're definitely trying to shoot higher. The new songs are experimental but there are hooks. It doesn't sound like a lo-fi pop record. It just sounds like awesome," drummer Dean Spunt told Rolling Stone.

They also added a third member to the album recording with F. Bermudez, but intend to keep that seat open to a revolving position. F. Bermudez might not tour with them, and they're wide open as to who will fit that seat.

"Adding him helped open up our writing. It was like having another brain. And we've really been able to make songs that are way more intricate sample-wise," said Spunt.

Everything In Between will be released just in time for Fall on September 28th via Sub Pop Records.

New Age - Everything In Between Track List
Life Prowler
Fever Dreaming
Common Heat
Valley Hump Crash
Positive Amputation
Shred and Transcend
Chem Trails


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07-10 Pomona, CA - Glass House
07-24 Baltimore, MD - Whartscape Festival
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