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Maps & Atlases Get a New Album and a New Label
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
July 9, 2010

Maps & Atlases have signed to the U.K.-based FatCat Records for the release of their upcoming album Perch Patchwork on September 27th. The experimental folk-rock group are already on Barsuk Records in the U.S., and just had a stateside release on June 29th.

Check out the song "Solid Ground" to hear what Perch Patchwork sounds like. They also recently made a Daytrotter appearance.

"A densely textured, exhilarating body of work that sees the band creating intricacies in songwriting, emphasising lush brass and string arrangements rather than the lightning-fast guitar lines that characterised their earlier work, and resulting in a gorgeous, complex, slightly skewed take on pop music," is how FatCat is describing the album. Sounds like complex music.

Perch Patchwork was produced by Jason Cupp (The Elected, Nurses, Cast Spells), who brought the ability to see the music in a way that Maps & Atlases hadn't before.

"It was great to be able to step outside of our live setting and imagine the songs in a different way. Jason Cupp brought another dimension to the songs that was really exciting to hear. We were able to deconstruct them part by part and then rebuild each verse or chorus with a different sonic idea," said guitarist Erin Elders.

Maps & Atlases are another band formed by art school students who eventually turned their artistic stylings toward making music. They joined up in 2004 at Chicago's Columbia College and haven't looked back since.

1. will
2. the charm
3. living decorations
4. solid ground    MP3
5. is
6. israeli caves
7. banished be cavalier
8. carrying the wet wood
9. pigeon
10. if this is
11. was
12. perch patchwork


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