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Deerhunter Announce New Album Halcyon Digest, Grassroots Poster Campaign
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By: Corey Tate
July 12, 2010

Deerhunter will release a new album title Halcyon Digest on September 28th, via 4AD . The new Deerhunter album is being supported by a grassroots xerox poster effort by the band, in which they'd like people to download the flyer and post copies around their town on kiosks and light poles.

Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox came up with the idea, based on the effect that these posters had on him when he was younger.

He said he was "...always being fascinated with the ephemera of 70's – 80's artrock in record stores like Wuxtry in Athens where I hung out as a kid or Wax 'N Facts in Atlanta. You'd see a photocopied faded B-52's flyer next to a poster for Lou Reed or XTC. It was like an artpunk scrapbook on those walls. It made my head spin. Who are these people? Who are the fucking Residents with these weird-ass eyeball faces?"

The band would very much like it if people would email them with pictures and news of where the posters have been hung. In return, the band will share the album's first single with the poster people before anyone else, giving them the first opportunity to hear the music. They'll also give them an exclusive non-album track.


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