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MOG Music Gets Mobile iPhone App
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By: Corey Tate
July 22, 2010

MOG has launched its MOG iPhone app, giving it a timely entry into the mobile music game.

They're doing it the new-fangled cloud-based way (all the kids are doing it, don't you know), making the tracks available to stream via 3G or wi-fi directly from MOG, or users can download the tracks for offline use. MOG's mobile service will fly for $10 a month, and of course, an Android app is available too. The $10 fee will not only get you mobile access to all of the songs in their library, but you can use it on your computer as well.

Perhaps the coolest feature on the MOG iPhone app is the slider bar on MOG Radio. You can start a listening channel around a certain artist, which is nothing new. Pandora and other services are centered around this very feature. You can then get a mix of that artist, as well artists that sound similar. MOG Radio goes one step further with a slider bar, that lets you choose the ratio of songs for the artist or artists that sound like that artist. Nice touch.

Other MOG mobile app features include CD-quality music, unlimited downloads with a subscription, a catalog of over 8 million songs, social media integration with Twitter and Facebook, playlists and an auto-sync between the web-based player on your computer and your mobile app.

MOG is a service that's a cloud-based music player that lets you sort by artist, album or song to create MOG playlists. They also have a self-styled MOG Radio that lets you create dedicated artist radio stations while also mixing artist who sound similar. MOG Social Discovery lets users create "taste filters" that lets you friend people with similar music tastes.


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