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Google and Verizon, Anti-Net Neutrality BFF's
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By: Corey Tate
August 11, 2010

Google and Verizon have been meeting on the internet version of Mt Olympus to create the new definition of net neutrality, one that would end the debate over whether or not net neutrality should exist; the new definition would just add new layers on top of the web for more dynamic content. And Google and Verizon would be good buds, as long as the money flows.

The news here is not that the net neutrality debate exists, but rather that the debate goes away when what we now call the internet becomes ghettoized (but neutral) and that those who are willing to pay more will get their content delivered through higher capacity networks.

They're inadvertently creating the The Internet Neutral-Ghetto. They're calling this a suggested legislative framework for Congress to consider, one that would exempt wireless services and emerging services.

Google would essentially be paying for higher capacity network access from Verizon, in order to deliver media content and other types of content that demand a more capable network (they call this "network management"). This might be the end of Google's "Don't be Evil" motto, but the new intention is not necessarily evil. It's just that they're flush with cash and are willing to pay cash-money to deliver their cash cow (Google ads) faster and better.

Are you scratching your head in disbelief like me? This is the same net neutrality debate reconfigured, net neutrality 2.0. Instead of prioritizing traffic within the current internet, it will create a second internet with a toll booth, one that allows traffic to speed along faster and at a higher bandwidth. We essentially end up at the same end result, the companies with the cash will get the better service, and the up and comers and bootstrappers of the world get the shaft (albeit a neutral shaft). The Internet Neutral-Ghetto.

Walk through the pros and cons of this and you find that the lawyers are laughing at us, they're hoodwinking anyone who's not paying attention. Google is also ending its old position on net neutrality and looking out for number one. Net Neutrality would be dead under the suggested legislative framework from Verizon and Google.


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