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MySpace Relaunch Leans on Facebook for Homepage
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 16, 2010

MySpace has been taking design lessons from the clean look of Facebook. They've been previewing the new look and feel in the run up to their August 19th relaunch of MySpace.com.

Recommendations have been grouped together in a unified format, and status updates are now part of the offering.

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The layout is much cleaner and easier to look at, and use. It breaks down a MySpace page into the tried and true categories of profile, photos, videos, playlists, blog, stream, and friends, rather than trying to put most of those all on the same page. All of these options are in a navigation tool on the left-hand side of the page.

MySpace is starting to look a whole lot more like Facebook…The new look, one of several planned changes for the beleaguered site, is a departure from MySpace’s typical dark and cluttered look—as the homepage will soon be marked by a striking amount of Facebook-esque white space” said Mike Shields from Media Week.

MySpace has lost half of its audience over the past year. The MySpace relaunch is working towards regaining a bigger share of the social media pie.

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