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RIAA Weighs In Google Verizon Net Neutrality
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By: Corey Tate
August 23, 2010

The RIAA has jumped into the Net Neutrality discussion, by joining together with a "Gang of 13" including the RIAA and songwriters, managers, publishers, record labels, indie artists, music licensers and more to further explain "details of the proposal as it may relate to content protection and ensuring that the distinction between lawful and unlawful activity is part of any ultimate solution."

They sent an open letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Basically the RIAA restates its past approach of still wanting to be able to approach ISPs when they think piracy and copyright infringement is going on, and want to preserve this ability under any new Net Neutrality policy. This is how the RIAA goes after suspected copyright infringement: they send a John Doe letter to the ISP, and the ISP passes it along to the customer. You can read the letter here.

The recent explosion over Google and Verizon's "policy statement" for Net Neutrality has everybody in the world chiming in on the debate, leading part-time media show guests to use awkward and geeky phrases like "network management," as if its something they talk about regularly.

Google would essentially pay for higher capacity network access from Verizon, in order to deliver media content and other types of content that demand a more capable network (the geeky "network management"). Instead of prioritizing traffic within the current internet, it will create a second internet (that works more like an Autobahn than information superhighway) with a toll booth, one that allows traffic to speed along faster and at a higher bandwidth.


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