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Of Montreal Plan New The Controller Sphere EP
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 25, 2010

Of Montreal are already working on the release of a new EP titled The Controller Sphere, according to a report in the Washington Post Express.

It was recorded during the same sessions as the forthcoming False Priest album.

"I've already written it and recorded it. I think it's going to come out in the spring. It's actually just going to be an EP. I wrote so many songs around the False Priest time period, and it's all the songs that for whatever reason didn't make it on to False Priest. But it's pretty much still in the same vein," said singer and frontman Kevin Barnes

It's an extension of False Priest, by way of tracks that almost made it the album.

"There's three songs that we were intially going to put on False Priest that we decided to cut at the last second. I havent decided which I want to put on there but there's a lot of material to choose from."


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