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LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem Looks to Spontaneous Future
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 30, 2010
With LCD Soundsystem winding over the next year while touring, the future of LCD seems limited. But there's no slowing down for front man James Murphy, who's doing an LCD "break" so that he can do other things in music.

The band routine is what's driving this the most. It's sucking the fun and creativity out of music for him.

"I want to put a record out. OK, well we gotta go to the studio, check; make album, check; finish album, check; get remixes, check; get artwork, check'. By the time I've done everything I'm supposed to that's pre-determined by the checklist, I have no energy or time to do other things," he said in an interview with The Quietus.

First and foremost, he's looking to get out of a regulated band routine and into making music and working with other acts, as well as spending time on his label, DFA. The spontaneity of creation is driving this.

"Being able to come up with an idea and pursue it rather than put it in a notebook and not look at that notebook for four years, or ever again, which is kind of where I'm at now. Like, LCD started with me saying 'I've got an idea' and then just doing it. "

"So instead of making videos I could make a little movie that I make music to, and that will just be the LCD thing, rather than being an ancillary promotional item. Why don't I get down to doing just the creative things I want to do?"

So what will he do now? He's wants to work with other acts.

"I sat with Arcade Fire before around the time of Neon Bible and talked about making that record with them, but then I had to make Sound Of Silver at the same time. And then we got on the phone to talk about making The Suburbs together, or at least some of it, but of course I was making This Is Happening. I would love to do something with them."

But that's not all.

"I had an opportunity to work with John Cale and I couldn't, I had an opportunity to work with Devo and I couldn't. There's a lot of things I'd like to do really. And work more on the DFA stuff - that's really the main thing."

So we haven't seen the last of James Murphy or LCD Soundsystem, only a transition to a new phase.

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