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Apple Event Rumors Include iPod, iTunes and Apple TV Upgrades
Apple Event Rumors Include iPod, iTunes and Apple TV Upgrades
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 31, 2010

Apple holds its annual music press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 1; there's already been rampant speculation into what big secrets Apple will lay on us all. How deep will the Apple music rabbit hole go? There's a lot of theories ...

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iTunes 10 for the Web / iTunes in the cloud
This would make  use of Apple's acquisition of streaming service LaLa, asking the question: will Apple integrate it into iTunes, and allow a personal iTunes library to be available via the web? Will they start offering an iTunes subscription service like the old LaLa for use, or did they just want to get a look under the hood of Lala's technology? LaLa specialized in on-demand streaming music, which let users transport their music libraries online, as well as access a catalog of over 7 million songs. It's also been rumored to integrate social networking features, which would bring it in line with Spotify and MySpace.

Apple TV set-top box or iTV
This could potentially allow Apple to rent TV shows and movies under a all new or newly revamped platform. This definitely has an eye towards what YouTube has been offering with its YouTube Store.

Other popular ideas floating around the web right now:
- A new iPhone and iPod Nano with a camera and microphone for Facetime videochat
- A new iPod Touch with 2 cameras for Facetime videochat
- An updated version of the iPod Shuffle
- The end of the old school, wheel-based iPod Classic


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