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The Big Pink to Release !K7 Tapes Mix with Dark Sounds This Fall
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 7, 2010

The Big Pink are making plans to release a compilation for the !K7 label and their Tapes series. It features some more well known names like Gang Gang Dance, The xx and jj alongside more obscure sounds like Salem.

It all arrives on October 18 via !K7. The tone is dark and mysterious, perfect listening for the Fall season.

“Yeah, there’s definitely that dreamy quality, like 4AD dream pop. I guess because it’s made in people’s bedrooms, maybe people’s computers are acting as some kind of dream catcher,” said Milo Cordell when speaking about the tone of the music.

'Mumbai' by oOoOo is definitely Crodell's favorite song on the mix, something that he feels sets the tone of the whole compilation.

“I think it sums up the whole mix really well. It’s beautifully eerie. It’s that thing where music takes you somewhere else. This track does that instantly. Straight away you’re in another world. I make music myself and I just love the way these bedroom producers have come up with these sounds. He really has created his own sound and vibe.”

01 GR✝LLGR✝LL - Slow Dancing
02 Love Distance - Move On The Rain
03 Gang Gang Dance - Ego War
04 Joker - Snake Eater
05 Active Child - Body Heat (So Far Away)
06 Henny Moan - Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)
07 Sewn Leather - Smoke Ov The Pvnk
08 Balam Acab - See Birds
09 yusuf b - kiss the nite
10 ZVA - Nothing
11 No Bra - Minger (These New Puritans Remix)
12 jj - Let Go
13 Salem - Dirt
14 Light Asylum - Shallow Tears
15 The Big Pink - Velvet (BDG Remix By Gang Gang Dance)
16 Actress - Hubble
17 oOoOO - Mumbai
18 The xx - Fantasy
19 Horse Macgyver - Tetanus Wine


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