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MySpace and Billboard Hope to Make Big $$ with Dreamseekers
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By: Corey Tate
September 13, 2010
In the latest chapter of "What kind of music services can we charge bands for" comes a new agreement between Billboard and MySpace: a subscription service that will allow bands to "help them get noticed by managers, promoters and labels in search of up-and-coming talent," according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

It promises to help artists track their exposure all over the web, including radio airplay, blogs and web sites, and social media like Twitter. They'll compile all of the results into a "Dreamseekers" chart that will reflect the online "popularity" of any band or singer based on how much they're talked about. Good luck with that.

Tracking these kind of results is a tough nut to crack, and Billboard and MySpace seem destined to try. They'll be competing with BigChampagne and their new "Ultimate Chart."

Although details are pretty scarce at this point, it seems like this is another example of a so-called value service that charges a subscription fee based on its profit potential, but doesn't really do much to aid the artist. This kind of service sounds good in the conference rooms of both Billboard and MySpace, as well as a good chance to do a partnership deal. How much value will it really provide an artist? Will you be happy to find out that you're band ranks # 78,438?

Will you be happy to pay $100 more to another subscription service to promote your band?


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