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Dead Weather Triptych: New Triple Decker Single
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 15, 2010

Those inventive people over at Third Man Records have been cranking all sorts of multi-colored and scented vinyl releases, and show no signs of slowing down the innovation with the new Dead Weather "Blue Blood Blues" single. They're offering a limited edition (300) pressing of a 12" that has a 7" record inside of it. You have to split open the 12" version to get to the 7" version, which contains the previously unreleased b-side of the song "Jawbreaker" live. Watch the video above for details.

Which is all fine and well until you realize that the Triple Decker Record really only contains two levels -- the 12" and the encapsulated 7" record. I suppose Triple Decker means three different variations .. the afformentioned vinyl inside of vinyl version, and two separate standalone versions of both the 12" and the 7" that will be sold separately. The standalones are available now, and the vinyl in vinyl version is available starting on Friday, September 17.


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