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Radiohead Contemplate New Album Release
Radiohead Contemplate New Album Release
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 20, 2010
Radiohead appear to be done with the songs that will comprise their new album, and are starting to contemplate how to release them. Bassist Colin Greenwood just posted an essay titled "Set Yourself Free" on the web site Index on Censorship talking about the past In Rainbows release and the how to go about releasing the new Radiohead album.

"... we have just finished another group of songs, and have begun to wonder about how to release them in a digital landscape that has changed again," he said.

"We have yet to decide how to release our next record, but I hope these partial impressions will help give some idea of the conversations we’ve been having. Traditional marketplaces and media are feeling stale – supermarkets account for around 70 per cent of CDs sold in the UK, the charts are dominated by TV talent-show acts – and we are trying to find ways to put out our music that feel as good as the music itself."

"I understand that we have become our own broadcasters and distributors, but I miss the editorialisation of music, the curatorial influences of people like John Peel or a good record label. I liked being on a record label that had us on it, along with Blur, the Beastie Boys and the Beatles."

He also goes on to say that he still thinks the offline world is more valuable than the online one in terms of musical experience.

"I’m unconvinced that the internet has replaced the club or the concert hall as a forum for people to share ideas and passions about music."

So ho will Radiohead release their new album? Who knows, but they've got to be feeling the pressure to perform after how big the release of In Rainbows went over. Maybe a Radiohead subscription model? Maybe the next big "Radiohead" thing?

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