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mSpot Adds Streaming Music to Android Phones
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 28, 2010

mSpot has hit the sweet spot with a new Andoid app that lets users stream music to their Android phone. The mSpot service will run you a mere four bucks a month for 40 GB of storage. That's right, I said it, 40 GB.

The app looks at your music libraries, from iTunes to Windows Media to whatever you have, and uploads it the cloud so that you can listen to it from your Android phone and any computers you use. The downfall: the files in the cloud are only 48 kbps, leaving with highly usable music but extremely skinny on fidelity. Who needs deep bass, anyway?

Apparently at least 500,000 people don't need deep bass, because that's how many have already downloaded the mSpot app. mSpot is also completely wireless, it uses a smart syncing technology to keep everything up to date.

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