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David Bowie
David Bowie to Release Book -- Bowie: Object
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 4, 2010

David Bowie is preparing to release a book titled Bowie:Object. Although it's largely a picture-based book, it features text written by David Bowie about how he does his thing, from songs to quotes to objects that have influenced him. It's all the first in a series of Bowie books.

"Bowie: Object is a collection of pieces from the Bowie archive, wherein, for the first time, fans and all those interested in popular culture will have the opportunity to understand more about the Bowie creative process and his impact on modern popular music," reads the announcement from Bowie's web site.

It includes 100 objects that will reveal what inspires David Bowie, in both music and his life. It's a pictorial and biography and inner light to the workings of Bowie's mind. How does Bowie do the Bowie thing? Read Bowie: Object.

The book doesn't have a release date yet, but he's also rereleasing Station to Station this week. The Thin White Duke is back.


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