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British Sea Power Release Zeus EP
British Sea Power Release Zeus EP
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By: J.S. McIntosh
October 5, 2010

British Sea Power will release a new EP on October 4th, titled The Zeus EP. It serves as an appetizer for the band’s full-length follow up to the Man of Aran, which will come out in 2011.

The title track is already available on the band's official website. It sounds like the familiarly literate, gloomy post-punk that British Sea Power is known for.They've stood out among indie peers since their debut in 2003. While they weren’t the first to be influenced by Joy Division and other Post-punk acts, they were decidedly more literate, more aggressive, and weirder than other indie-rock peers.  Based on a song previewed on their website, British Sea Power chose a different path than other contemporaries (especially the Walkmen’s Lisbon.)

On Zeus, a cacophonous, fully-orchestrated, and rather claustrophobic sound journeys through quick changes, lending itself to multiple listens. The layered wall of guitars and voices clash and cling together. While the song is cluttered, it is catchy nonetheless. The millennial gloom-and-doom has not subsided for the band and, judging from this single, probably never will.


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