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Google TV Gets Pandora, Napster, Netflix, Twitter and More
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By: Corey Tate
May 22, 2010
Google has announced the details behind its Google TV Beta. At this point, there is no official Google TV release date, but there will be a release of a number of products from Sony, Logitech and more that include Google TV. Watch the demo above for a quick overview.

Google TV has content from a variety of channels, all packaged as individual apps that you can use on your Google TV box. Who's there to kick it off? A veritable who's who of content providers, and I have to say that Google is kicking Apple's but right out of the box on the Google TV vs Apple TV thing. It's no comparison.

The Google TV box is an entertainment hub that pulls content from your DVR, cable and satellite, as well as searching the web. Google is positioning this as “TV meets Web, Web meets TV.”

Here's the quick list of what's available: Pandora, Napster, Netflix, Twitter, HBO, Amazon on Demand, CNBC and NBA Game Time. There's more, including Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TBS, TNT and CNN. Don't see your favorite media source? You also get Google Chrome, Google's web browser, so you can visit any web site you want. That means you can actually watch Hulu or any other media outfit you want on Google TV.

Pandora is available in all of its streaming glory. Twitter is available so you can tweet your thoughts and musings about all of the shows your watching. Uggh. Napster is there for more music. Amazon.com offers movies and TV shows starting at one dollar a pop. Netflix is available as a subscription at 9 bucks a month. HBO Go let's viewers watch HBO content on-demand. Business types and suits can can get their business on with CNBC in the form of both CNBC Real-Time and the CNBC business channel. NBA Game Time seems kind of vague as a video offering, but you can see from the video above that you get access to lots of stats and information.

The Android Market is also coming sometime next year, meaning that any app on the Android Market (like the ones you use with your Android-based smartphone) will be available to you.

Technology geeks, dig this: the Google TV box features 802.11n Wi-Fi, 2 HDMI-out ports, USB  ports and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Video chat comes in high def at 720p. Remote control apps for your iPhone or Android phone are forthcoming.

Dish Network peeps: you get the power of Google searchability to line up recording and DVR access. Sony will announce its Internet TV with Google TV included. Logitech is working on a Google TV box of its own.

Google wants to blow the doors wide open on access to media content. "One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers," said Ambarish Kenghe, developer product manager for Google TV in a post on Google's official blog.

Google TV will be powered by a variant of its Android operating system, and will include Google's Chrome web browser, a browser ideal for media playback due to its sandbox technology. It also has full support for Flash, so no matter what Steve Jobs and his walled garden of Apple products say, Flash will be a major part of web video for the near future.

It's also likely to include the newish YouTube Store, a YouTube video rental service that  has expanded and is offering 2 day rentals for anywhere between $1 - $4, although a few titles cost more than that. The other cool part of the YouTube Store is that independent film creator can make their film or video available. Budding auteurs and directors take note: you can follow the music industry's model of self-promotion and distribution. This gives the YouTube store a distinct advantage over Netflix, Amazon or iTunes.

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