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Pandora Enhances iPad App, Hits #1 in Online Radio
Pandora Offers Pandora One Gift Subscription
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 15, 2010
Filed in the just in time for the holidays category comes the news that streaming radio service Pandora will be offering gift subscriptions for their  "Pandora One" service. The Pandora subscription allows subscribers to listen to an unlimited amount of music, without commercial interruption, for the price of $36. That's just three bucks a month. Now you can give it as an email gift or as a gift card.

Pandora users that listen to the free service get a 40 hour listening cap each month, and the Pandora One subscription is a way to get around that. It's a desktop app, which means that you don't have to use it with your internet browser. Think of an iPhone app for your computer.

It also has improved sound quality, clocking in with a quality level of 192K bits per second. That's not enough to make the vinyl addicts drool, but it's decent fidelity compared to most Internet streaming services. You'll hear a bit of deep bass and sharper, crisper highs.

Pandora once faced extinction in its fight with the major recording labels over royalties, but has gone on the find integration into the iPad, your car, and Google TV as well.

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