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Montonix to Release Sophmore Album Not Yet
Montonix to Release Sophmore Album Not Yet
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 20, 2010

Musical crazies Monotonix are set to release their next album in January with Not Yet. It arrives on January 25 via Drag City Records, and will be available on vinyl, CD and download formats. It will be the band's second album.

Monotonix plays hundreds of live shows in a year. They tour a lot. Consider Drag City's description of how the bands touring philosophy has unfolded over the years: "They formed in November 2005, set up on the floor of the club with the audience, and the party began. But the party usually got too wild, the power got cut, the cops were called and Monotonix were banned from playing again almost everywhere. Before long, they were looking for good places to play outside of Israel — and they were delighted to find that there are more rock and roll party places outside of Israel than inside!"

Monotonix: Not Yet Track List
Nasty Fancy
Everything That I See
Before I Pass Away  
Blind Again
Fun Fun Fun
Give Me More
You And Me
Try Try Try
Late Night
Never Died Before


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