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MySpace Relaunches as Entertainment Site with New Design
MySpace Relaunches as Entertainment Site with New Design
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 30, 2010

The new MySpace launch started this week, in an attempt to turn the one time social networking giant into an entertainment hub. MySpace is billing it as a "social entertainment destination for Gen Y."

The strategy is simple: don't try to out-Facebook Facebook. MySpace has 122 million users while FaceBook has 500 million ... the math is easy. Instead, MySpace will focus on what it's always been known for: music and video as it applies to entertainment. It's also gone through a major redesign to make the pages more clean, a long-time criticism of the MySpace experience.

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The layout is much cleaner and easier to look at, and use. The new MySpace homepage has three viewing options -- List view: the traditional mode for MySpace, grid view: a format more like magazines and play view: a format for video. Elements are modular to allow a level of cusomization by the user. They're also releasing a mobile version of the site for a simplified browser experience. iPhone and Android apps are due in a few months.

“Over time, Myspace got very broad and lost focus of what its members were using it for,” said Michael Jones, president of Myspace when speaking to the New York Times. “Our focus is social entertainment. Niche players have long staying power.”

The MySpace user page has been broken down into the tried and true categories of profile, photos, videos, playlists, blog, stream, and friends, rather than trying to put most of those all on the same page. All of these options are in a navigation tool on the left-hand side of the page.

They're also opening up to other social networks, allowing users to let visitors share posts on their own preferred networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and lots of others. Users can also integrate their post from other networks into their MySpace pages.

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