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FrostWire P2P for Android is Released
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 2, 2010
FrostWire has just released their P2P service for Android phones. It's a file-sharing network, which means it's a decentralized peer to peer service, just like the late LimeWire. You can download FrostWire P2P from the Android Market for $5 or free if directly from FrostWire.com, which begs the question, does the $5 go to FrostWire or the Android Market?

FrostWire will let you "search and download files on millions of devices," according to the Android Market description. This means you can look for music and video via FrostWire. Which in turn, leads to another question: do you really want tons of music and video filling up your phone every week? FrostWire might be better suited for your home computer.

FrostWire only works through Wi-Fi for now, which means no 3G downloading. Makes sense, I guess. P2P traffic could clog up 3G "tubes" as fast as anything. With LimeWire out of the picture now due to the lawsuit, the FrostWire vs. LimeWire debate seems to be settled.

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