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iTunes Store to Offer 90 Second Song Previews
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 4, 2010

iTunes peeps wil be happy to know that you'll soon get 90 second previews of songs in the iTunes Store in place of the 30 second previews. It was first announced by the Symphonic Distribution blog and confirmed by CNet, who also offered that users are more like to buy songs when they can preview more than 60 seconds of a song. Now if only iTunes could choose the good part of a song instead just the beginning ...

"Song samples play an important role in the buying process, according to researchers at Robert Morris University. In a report released last year, professor Min Lu and assistant professor Yanbin Tu reported that consumers are more likely to buy songs if allowed to sample the music for about 60 seconds and if provided access to a "high-quality" version of the music," they said.

The deal looks set to happen in the United States, but there's no word yet on whether iTunes stores in other countries have finished the licensing deals with Apple to make this happen. Songs under two minutes will have the 30 second preview, so you can stop thinking about sponging free music streams for a punk playlist of short songs ...


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