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Arcade Fire Will Spend 2011 Touring and Writing New Material
Arcade Fire Will Spend 2011 Touring and Writing New Material
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 8, 2010
Arcade Fire will spend most of 2001 bouncing back and forth between touring and writing new material. They're attempting to break what was once a relentless Arcade Fire tour cycle into shorter, manageable legs of shows, with breaks and writing sessions in between.

"We’re going to experiment this winter. We’re not quite sure what we’re doing in February, but January and March we’ll probably be off. We’ve never successfully written or done anything really in a middle of a touring cycle, said Will when speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

"We’re going to see if we can maybe get into a different rhythm besides the tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest, tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest. We’re going to see if we can intertwine them a little bit. We’ll definitely be touring next spring because the weather will be nicer to drive around in the springtime than the winter."

Arcade Fire is also set to play Saturday Night Live this weekend, Nov. 13, with host Scarlett Johansson. Should be a good show.

Will Butler recently returned to his alma mater, Northwestern University in Chicago, to deliver a guest lecture about "blending his music career with social activism" at the Center for Civic Engagement.

The lecture took place on November 2nd in the McCormick Tribune Center Forum. The lecture was part of a larger effort to show students how they can blend their chosen field of study with civic engagement and promoting big ideas. In other words, don't just go out and get a job, get a job that actually promoted social ideas.

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