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Jónsi to Release Go Live DVD and CD
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 9, 2010

Jonsi of Sigur Ros will release a live experience called Go Live on Nov. 29, an audio and DVD release. It has reworked live versions of songs from Jonsi's Go album, and is being released in two formats: the Go Live Physical Edition, with a CD, DVD and book; and the Go Live Digital Edition, as a high quality download.

The DVD will feature back stage footage and interviews, but mostly consists of a pre-tour dress rehearsal in which Jonsi and his band were developing the live show and premiering it for the first time. It was filmed by Fifty Nine Productions and captured in foint of a small audience who were allowed to attend the performance as long as they dressed as animals. The primal savagery of it all.

The Go Live CD was recorded live earlier this Summer and includes songs like ‘stars in still water’, ‘saint naive’, ‘icicle sleeves’ and ‘new piano song.'

Go Live CD Track List:
1. Stars in Still Water
2. Hengilás
3. Icicle Sleeves
4. Kolniður
5. Tornado
6. Sinking Friendships
7. Saint Naive
8. Go Do
9. Boy Lilikoi
10. Animal Arithmetic
11. New Piano Song
12. Around Us
13. Sticks & Stones
14. Grow Till Tall

Go Live DVD Track List:
1. Hengilás
2. Icicle Sleeves
3. Kolniður
4. Tornado
5. Sinking Friendships
6. Go Do
7. Boy Lilikoi
8. New Piano Song
9. Around Us
10. Volume Pedal Song
11. Grow Till Tall


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