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RIAA Says LimeWire Pirate Edition Violates Court Order
RIAA Says LimeWire Pirate Edition Violates Court Order
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 20, 2010

The RIAA has made a bold new move in accusing the creators of the popular P2P LimeWire of being behind the new LimeWire Pirate Edition, and is making a move to have LimeWire shut it down. But can that actually be done? Probably not.

It's a classic case of the courts and the RIAA not understanding the technology. LimeWire was shut down due to an injunction from a U.S. district court in New York, ending a long battle between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Lime Group, who owns and operates LimeWire.

The RIAA is now taking the view that since LimeWire is back online, it must because the Lime Group or someone affiliated with it made it happen, right? Wrong. The anonymous secret development team behind the the current LimeWire Pirate Edition (LPE)  is an independent group who picked up a software based around the decentralized network and made it go back online without Lime Group. A truly independent uprising.

That said, the current edition of LimeWire is quite beyond the control of Lime Group or the court. The person or group now known as “Meta Pirate” has resurrected the software, and now it’s an independent app. That person may have been an employee of LimeWire, but there's no evidence offered that they're acting on behalf of LimeWire now.

The RIAA has seen blood in the water, and is moving to have the court appoint a receiver that will make sure LimeWire is complying with the court’s order. This seems kind of silly, given that there's been no evidence presented that the original LimeWire creators are doing anything to enable the pirated LimeWire to happen. There's no way that Lime Group (or anyone else but the users of the new edition) can shut it down.

The RIAA has said that the secret development team includes someone “either formerly or presently a Lime Wire employee,” and that "defendants have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they either will not or cannot do what the injunction commands. A receiver appointed by and answerable to the Court is the only way to ensure that the Injunction will be respected and implemented," reads their filing.

So what does Meta Pirate have to say about all of this?

“This is nothing more than cheap and dishonest opportunism. The monkeys who created LimeWire Pirate Edition are not associated in any way with Lime Wire LLC. Because of the RIAA’s underhanded tactics, Lime Wire has used a court order from the U.S. Southern District Court of New York to shut down our website,” is what Meta Pirate told TorrentFreak, a popular P2P news site.

So maybe the question we all need to be asking is a strategic one ... why is the RIAA making this move to have a receiver appointed to oversee the take down of the LimeWire Pirate Edition? Maybe they’ve seen that there’s something else to gain by having a receiver appointed, and the actions of Meta Pirate have provided an opportunity to make that happen.


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