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Radiohead to Release New Album The King of Limbs This Week
Radiohead to Release New Album The King of Limbs This Week
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By: Corey Tate
February 15, 2011
Radiohead have a new album set to drop this week, titled The King Of Limbs. The album will be available at the web site Thekingoflimbs.com starting Saturday, Feb. 19, with a physical release on May 9.

They're calling it "the world's first newspaper album*," with the all-important asterisk, because of course Prince and others have already released albums via newspapers. I guess Radiohead got a lot of flak for the "Radiohead" model of naming tour price for In Rainbows, because many others had done that before Radiohead. Then again, Radiohead didn't name it the Radiohead model. Also ... maybe the 'newspaper album' is an art concept, not a mode of delivery, it's completely unclear what that means at this point.

Obviously, the pay what you want model has been chucked by the wayside this time, in favor of something where fans don't get a free ride as in their last release with the album In Rainbows.

So, here's what you can expect for the U.S. release of The King of Limbs:

The King of Limbs Newspaper version:
$48 - $53 depending on options
Two clear 10" vinyl records
Hundreds of pieces of album art that go with the music
A download version compatible with what they call all "good digital media players."

The King of Limbs Download version:
$9 - $14 depending on options.

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