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2011 Coachella Music Festival Security Policy: You Will Be Tracked by Wristband
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By: Corey Tate
March 23, 2011

Those of us headed to the 2011 Coachella Festival will have to deal with new security measures, with the man enforcing a newer, stricter wristband policy. Your Coachella wristband must be on your right wrist, and they'll have checkpoints one mile out from the Indio festival site. No wristband, no access. What if it's on your left hand?

The Coachella wristbands have RFID tags in them, which are Radio Frequency ID tags. These are like GPS chips for your hands, it will allow you to be tracked anywhere in the festival site, presumably so the "evil wrong doers" can be busted by placing them at the "scene of the crime." Naked tazer guy in the video above got off easy in the old days, pre-RFID.

Editors note: the GPS comment is meant figuratively, not literally. "Checkpoint zones" can be set up to always track what zone a person has just left and just entered, theoretically placing them in a zone at a time and date. This is not meant to say that Coachella organizers have any interest in testing tracking capabilites for the Obama administration or even spying on the festival people. It's just a security measure, people ...

The Coachella 2011 lineup announcement determined that the Coachella headliners are Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West and The Strokes. The big Coachella reunion band is ... Death From Above 1979, who just played to a riot-soaked crowd at SXSW.

Other interesting names include The Chemical Brothers, Animal Collestive, PJ Harvey, The National, Broken Social Scene, Lauryn Hill (!), and more. Check out the Coachella Festival Guide for a complete lineup.

The Coachella dates for 2011 are April 15 - 17, first announced by the L.A. Times' Pop and Hiss Blog. The Coachella Festival web site later confirmed this as well.

Check out video coverage from last year's Coachella Festival.

Coachella has emerged to be the coolest of summer music festivals in the U.S. Picking up where Lollapalooza left off, Coachella has become the stamp of approval that lets people know that any band that plays there is very talented and worthy of your attention. It's located in sunny Indio California, so how can it be bad?

Check out the Spacelab Festival Guide for more information on the Coachella Festival line up, tickets, and other details.
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