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Impact: Amazon's Cloud Drive Music Player

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By: Corey Tate
April 4, 2011

Amazon launched plans for its new cloud drive music player that acts like a storage locker to stream your music. They beat everyone else with their cloud drive, so what does this mean for everyone else?

Amazon decided to take on a different strategy by launching the cloud drive first, and negotiating with the labels second. Everybody else went the other way, starting with negotiations with the labels, which caused them to stall and never get out of the gate.

Now Apple, Google and everyone else is left in Amazon's wake to catch up with their own cloud-based music services. You have to wonder if the labels were just drawing out the negotiations to try to create their own cloud drive services first, or whether they were stuck in their well-worn strategy of trying to mine too high of a price for the licensing of their copyrighted material. Either way, Amazon's bold move to launch first, negotiate second seems like a better strategy. It puts them in the leading position for negotiations.

Amazon is the perfect player in the market to have this kind cloud-based storage, they've been doing it with all sorts of other web services, and now they've zoomed to the forefront, and Apple et al are forced to play catch up. Nice move.

So here's what you get for the Amazon cloud pricing: 5GB of storage for  free, and Amazon will up you to 20 GB if you buy an album of music from their Amazon MP3 store. You can also buy more storage for a dollar per gigabyte. You can also store photos, videos and documents on the cloud drive.

There's also two distinct components or services here ... the first is the Amazon Cloud Drive, which is the cloud-based storage of files, like music, video, photos and documents. The second service is the Amazon Cloud Player, which works with the Amazon Cloud Drive to let you stream music to home computer or Android phone or tablet (as long as you have the Amazon MP3 app). It's not set up to run on iPhones, Blackberrys, Windows Mobile devices, and iPads.

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