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YouTube Live Adds Live Streaming Video Channels

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By: Corey Tate
April 9, 2011
Mark 2011 as the day the Google leveled the playing field around live video. They've just launched a live streaming platform called YouTube Live, that lets people create a live stream video broadcast and stream it to the world.

YouTube Live will start out with a focus on arts and sports, with the potential of moving into other video channels as time goes on. Popular theory right now suggests that Google may throw as much as $100 million at the addition and creation of additional content, just what the world needs to save us from reality show hell on network and cable tv.

"Today we're announcing the initial roll out of YouTube Live, which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time," reads an announcement from YouTube. The plan is for YouTube to launch a number of channels on a live streaming platform, that will let "certain YouTube partners" broadcast live video to the masses.

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