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Similar: New Streaming Napster Mobile App for Android, iPhone

Similar: New Streaming Napster Mobile App for Android, iPhone

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By: Corey Tate
May 20, 2011
Napster has announced that it's launching an app for mobile phones called "Napster Unlimited plus Mobile." It will be available for Android and all iPhone / Ipad devices with unlimited access to more than 15 million songs, and unlimited access to the Napster service on mobile platforms.

Here's what you get with the new Napster mobile service: it works over 2.5G and 3G connections; you get new releases, recommendations, official music charts, Napster's top 100 charts, and Automix features (which are fairly standard compared to other services); offline mobile access; and web-based access from any computer. All in all, the Napster mobile app doesn't give you anything you new, you can find any of these features in other services such as MOG.

We should probably cover prices, too. There are three tiers to the plan: annual ($8 a month), quarterly ($10 a month), and monthly ($10 a month). If you just want the Napster service on your computer, but not as a mobile service, you can pretty much cut those monthly prices in half.

The big change here for Napster is that it continues a shift in Napster's business towards a streaming music model rather than a download model. I'm sure they're looking towards Slacker, Pandora, MOG et al and thinking that the download business model is one of the last decade, and streaming music is the one of this decade. Besides, Amazon and Apple have the overwhelming dominance in music downloads, so why try to fight them? It would be like MSN and Yahoo! trying to fight Google in search. It's kind of useless.

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