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Ganglians Get Surf, But Not Surf on Still Living

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
May 31, 2011
Ganglians are ready to release their latest effort, titled Still Living on Lefse Resords on Aug. 23 and in Europe the following day via Soulterrain Transmissions. The album even comes with limited edition cassette (!) for early pre-orders. Vive le cassette, the new cool. The band worked with producer Robby Moncrieff (Dirty Projectors) and have a preview of the new song "Jungle" as a free download.

MP3: Ganglians - "Jungle"

Ganglians are a Sacramento-based lo-fi indie rock band with that southern California, Dick Dale-esque reverb guitar sound to them. Not distinctly surf, but dry, reverby guitar sounds. Check out the song "Jungle" to hear what I mean. They call themselves Hawaiian post-punk on Myspace, which maybe does a better job of explaining their sound.

Their new video for "Jungle" was directed by Pete Dee and includes"prosthetics" by Beatrice Turner. Yes, prosthetics.

Ganglians: Still Living Track List
1. Drop the Act
2. That’s What I Want
3. Evil Weave
4. Sleep
5. Jungle
6. Bradley
7. Things To Know
8. Good Times
9. The Toad
10. California Cousins
11. Faster
12. My House
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