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Destroy This: Viva Voce and The Hot Rod Future

Destroy This: Viva Voce and The Hot Rod Future

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
May 25, 2011
Viva Voce have announced a new album titled The Future Will Destroy You, to be released on June 21 on Vanguard Records, the follow-up to 2009's Rose City. Viva Voce -- also known as the married couple Kevin and Anita Robinson -- produced and mixed the album themselves in their home studio in Portland, OR. They have a new free download available with "Analog Wood Song," which you can listen to above and download below.

MP3: Viva Voce - "Analog Wood Song"

"I had this riff in my iPhone voice memo recorder since last year and it wasn't until we put our heads together that it took shape. I came up with the chorus rhythm and Anita fit it with this great Ray Davies sort of melody & lyrics. I wanted to record the drums with hot rods (not drum sticks), and only had one pair that weren't chipped to hell, so I had to work out the drum parts in my head long before we recorded," said Kevin when talking about their idea for the song.

"The studio was covered in shrapnel from those hot rods! My favorite thing about this song is the squarewave tremolo we chose for the chorus chords, choppy like a helicopter," followed Anita.

This will be Viva Voce's debut album for Vanguard Records, and they're glad to be on the label. “Viva Voce will continue to record, produce albums and tour until a force majeure keeps us from doing so. We’re lifers and it feels good to finally be at home,” said Kevin Robinson about signing to Vanguard. The band was previously on Barsuk Records.

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