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Apple's iCloud Might Include Movies

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 01, 2011

After the news of Apple's iCloud being real and announced at theJune 6th WWD Conference, we find out that Apple might also be working on allowing movies to go with the iCloud service.

According to Greg Sandoval, CNET's Media Maverick  (who gets the scoop on all of these kinds of things) said that Apple had been talking to movie studios as long as two years ago, in an attempt to license movies for iCloud storage. This could mean files that a user already owns (legal or not) and not just iTunes-purchased movies.

iCloud  stopped being a rumor and became official yesterday with Apple's announcement that it would reveal iCloud services on June 6th, and that iCloud would allow users to store and play back their media from Apple's servers from devices like mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers.

"In the past several weeks, Apple executives have stepped up their attempts to convince some of the major Hollywood film studios to issue licenses that would enable Apple to store its customers' movies on the company's servers, two sources close to the negotiations told CNET," said Sandoval in his column.

He went on to say that Apple peeps would not confirm (or deny) the iCloud movie thing.

Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures all have a deal with Apple, but Time Warner is still trying to work out a deal because they have an HBO blackout window to contend with. This gets sticky around around movie broadcasts on HBO, which require a blackout of the broadcast of the same movie on other outlets. Can you imagine not watching a movie you have stored in iCloud just because HBO wants to broadcast it?

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