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Bjork's Biophila Will Feature 10 Different Apps

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 01, 2011
More details have emerged on Bjork's Biophilia album/app/experience due out later this year, including the insight that it will be many apps, not just one, and the app for the song "Virus" is actually an interactive game.

The Guardian has revealed that Biophilia will actually be 10 individual apps, all controlled by one main app. Each song from the album will get its own individual app, dedicated to the context of the song. Although this is nothing new to interactive programming, it's a new approach to presenting an album full of music like Biophilia. It also begs the question: will they be available for purchase a la carte, like songs, or sold only as a group?

VIDEO: Bjork - Biophilia

"Björk's put herself way at the forefront here by saying, 'We'll release this album and these apps at the same time and they're all part of the same story.' The app is an expression of the music, the story and the idea," Scott Snibbe told the Guardian. Bjork put him in charge of the creation of the Biophilia app ecosystem, and it even reaches out to the experience of games.

He talks about the app for the song "Virus," and how it features a virus that attacks cells while the user has to prevent the virus from conquering the cells, saying that it's "A kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it."

Biophilia will be released sometime later this year, and it will include at least one video directed by Michel Gondry. Björk will maintain a three-week residency at the Manchester International Festival, performing six shows dedicated to Biophilia, her first UK shows in over three years. After that, the Bjork Biophilia tour will hit the road, playing in major cities.

During the Biophilia shows at the Manchester International Festival, Bjork will perform songs with co-conspirators. She's also down with a 30 foot pendulum that uses gravity to make sounds and a digitally-controlled pipe organ. Leave it to Bjork to go as deep as to create her own musical instruments.
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