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MP3.com Comes Back from the Dead With Last.FM

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By: Corey Tate
June 03, 2011

The almost forgotten web site MP3.com will be revived as an indie music site as part of an agreement with Last.FM. The two sites have worked out a deal in which Last.FM will be integrated and embedded into MP3.com, in ways that will be announced sometime in the next week.

There's over a million songs available on MP3.com, consisting of independent and unsigned artists, and their music will be the main offering. Both Last.FM and MP3.com will remain individual sites, but will work together on related services to make all of this happen. It's hard to see how these two will stand out amongst a glut of indie music download sites that are centered around MP3 downloads, but they're both big names so they can definitely make a run of it.

“We will be starting off with 1m tracks on MP3.com, available for free legal download. It’s primarily for new and unsigned acts that are mainly the result of leveraging the Music Manager on Last.fm – which allows people to upload their music to Last.fm Radio. It reflects a lot of things we are trying to do with Last.fm,” CBS Interactive Music Group president David Goodman said when speaking to MusicWeek.

MP3.com originally rose to popularity in the early 2000's as an MP3 music sharing service before being bought by Vivendi Universal and then sold to CNET. There was a lawsuit brought against the site previous to the Vivendi sale.

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