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eMusic Planning to Launch Cloud-based Music Service

eMusic Planning to Launch Cloud-based Music Service

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 13, 2011

eMusic plans to launch a cloud-based streaming service, that will allow its customers to stream their music collections to multiple devices. This would add eMusic to a growing list of cloud-based music services, most recently Apple's iTunes In The Cloud, Amazon's Cloud Drive Music Player, and Google Music.

eMusic CEO Adam Klein told Billboard that they're "hoping by Q4 of this year" to have the service launched,  which would allow customers to listen to music purchased from eMusic on multiple devices. "We think they're doing exactly the right thing," said Klein when speaking about the recent spate of cloud-based music offerings.

A recent press release said that eMusic is also looking to "give members the ability to access all of their music no matter where they are," another sign that eMusic is also making the move towards a cloud-based model of music experience. The release said that they'll launch the service as a beta site sometime over the next year, by invite to its customers.

eMusic added recording label EMI to its list of major labels as part of a larger effort to expand the indie digital music retailer into larger territory by including major label artists. The addition of the EMI catalog will bring more than 15,000 albums to eMusic and completes the fourth addition of major labels to the online music service.

eMusic had previously signed deals with Universal Music Group, Sony and Warner Music Group over the past two years. The addition has been controversial to some, as eMusic has its roots in indie culture and many looked at major label expansion as a sort of sell out of its principles. It's also part of a larger move by EMI to update its outlook to be consistent with the times, embracing its outreach to more outlets online and moving a struggling recording label into positive territory.

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