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VIDEO: Thurston Moore’s Demolished Thoughts “Take Away Show”

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 13, 2011
Thurston Moore and Samara Lubelski do a Take Away Show" from La Blogotheque, complete with shots from New York and Thurston Moore's New York Apartment. He performs the songs "Blood Never Lies" and "Benediction" from his latest album, Demolished Thoughts.

The songs are intercut with a sort of interview with Thurston talking about some of his early New York experiences, how Beck used to be part of the fast folk scene in New York, and how Thurston found Max's Kanasas City.

Early on, while driving in the city and exploring what it was about, he saw Joey Ramone and recognized him, so he followed him down the street to ask him if he knew where to find the club CBGB's, and even offered him a ride.

He worked with Beck Hanson to produce the album, which was originally called Benediction, but the name was changed to Demolished Thoughts shortly before release. Thurston is will be out on tour with Kurt Vile this Summer.

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