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MOG's New MOGGLES Service Uses Phone Camera to Expand Your Music Library

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By: Corey Tate
June 25, 2011

Cloud-based music service MOG just launched an experimental new feature that lets users take a picture of an album cover to instantly add that album to their MOG music library. The MOG app then uses image recognition technology to add that album to your MOG music library.

They've dubbed the new service "Moggles," and said that it's "a new experimental/beta feature." They definitely want to stress that the kinks are being worked out in real time, saying "May produce inaccurate or hilarious results." MOGGLES seems to use some sort of character recognition technology to help identify the band name and album title. Eliot Van Buskirk from Evolver.FM snapped a photo of a TV On the Radio cover only to have it matched as "TV Shows on the Radio."

MOG launched their iPhone and Android apps last year, and just recently announced a partnership with SONOS to provide a wireless music capability in homes. The new MOGGLES feature came as part version 1.7 of the MOG app.

The MOG music app works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS), and Android.

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