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VibeDeck Launches Free Platform For Musicians

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By: Corey Tate
June 25, 2011

VibeDeck is a free service for musicians to publish information and music for their band. It lets you do things like: create a store for your music on the site, integrate your embeddable music streams and store on Facebook, a web site, anything. You also get stats. Stats!

The go-to buzzwords here are direct-to-fan platform for musicians, but you can think of VibeDeck as the latest version of services like BandCamp or Sonicbids. The interesting angle is that they don't charge service fees or take a percentage of your band's music sales. Huh? How does VibeDeck plan to make money? CEO Lior Shamir said that "at some point in the future, we will introduce a premium tier for 'hardcore users'."

VibeDeck raised $2 million in April from international and U.S.-based investors, and the beta site launched in May. The cash-money infusion is expected to go to expanding the services on the site, along with the requisite corporate vibe of hiring staff, marketing, etc. You know, the boring but necessary stuff. Shamir is mum on what new services will be offered, saying only "Ahhh... you will have to wait and see!"

“In its first iteration, our product is intended to improve the transaction experience between an artist and a fan, allowing artists to enjoy maximum profit margins, greater ease-of-use, and a deeper relationship with their audiences," said Shamir when speaking to HypeBot.

The question we might want to start asking here is parallel to one we hear a lot these days ... which is, "are we in a tech bubble?" The parallel question is: are we in a band services technology bubble? We've seen this before with good ideas -- lots of groups flood in to provide a service, only to have the market get oversaturated with too many choices. After review, the better question for a band to ask is: which service will last, so that you don't have to play the endless game of porting your whole band package over to a new site / service every year or two.

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