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Brian Wilson Biopic: Who Will Star as Brian Wilson?

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 27, 2011

What if Noah Lennox of Animal Collective played the part of Brian Wilson? Also: will it take the form of a biopic or move in a different direction creatively? WWNLD? Or more specifically,what would Noah Lennox do?

The Brian Wilson biopic has made some great moves forward with River Road Entertainment finally acquiring the rights to Brian Wilson’s life and also his wife Melinda Wilson, clearing the way for the Brian Wilson film to pick up momentum. The news was reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Brian Wilson biopic will be written by Oren Moverman, who also wrote the Bob Dylan film "I'm Not There" and directed "The Messenger." He's also working on a Kurt Cobain film for Universal Pictures. River Road founder Bill Pohlad is set to produce the biopic with Jim Lefkowitz working as executive producer. There's no title or release date for the film just yet.

Or will it take a different turn than the biopic angle? Maybe biopic is the wrong template to be looking at ...

"I have no interest in making a biopic. What's fascinating to me is to look at the different elements in his life, like that super-creative period when he was doing 'Pet Sounds' and the later part when he was redeemed," said producer Bill Pohlad when speaking to 24 Frames.

There's also no word on whose going to star as Brian Wilson, but rumors so far include Noah Lennox (who not only sounds like him but has been in a film before) Jared Leto, Rich Sommer and Paul Dano, to name a few. Producer Bill Pohlad is supposedly looking at the possibility of not just one actor, but many as the film progresses through Brian Wilson's life from early on to the Beach Boys to his solo career which include the album Smile.


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