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Imagine This: an Apple TV Set for the iCloud Jet Set

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By: Corey Tate
June 27, 2011

We can already start calling it something like iTV ... Apple's new move into the iCloud positions it to create an Apple TV set as the new product to replace the iPod. Think HDTV, full iCloud ecosystem support ...

Now that we're working our way towards Apple's new iCloud phase, we could see the emergence of a new Apple product: an Apple-branded TV set. Sound far fetched? Apple's been moving towards video media for years, with movies and TV shows in iTunes, not to mention their Apple TV experiment.

"Apple's iCloud service for media storage makes it simpler to own multiple Apple devices and share content among them. At first the only media iCloud will store is music and pictures, but we believe Apple may add movies and TV shows purchased or rented in iTunes to the iCloud service, which could be viewed on a TV," said Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Mr. Munster believes the Apple TV set could be priced in the $1800 range, leaving out of reach for some but in a range to position it as a luxury good. Apple's always been about the big item. Then think of HDTV (high-def) video. Think of cloud-based access. HDMI support. Drooling yet?

This is also supported by a recent item at DailyTech, with a "former Apple executive" telling them that "You'll go into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with a TV. It's perfect."

He went on to say that Apple wants to "blow Netflix and all those other guys away," something we'll have to track as time goes on, as most Netflix customers would rather have their computer hijacked by LulzSec than give up their Netflix account.

The Apple TV set could replace the Apple TV box, a move that's already been done by Google with their TV offering. Google TV is being offered through a variety of manufacturers like ..., and an Apple TV set would follow nicely inline with Apple's long-held strategy of making its own hardware. The Apple TV would support the Apple ecosystem in its new iCloud phase, much like iTunes supported the iPod and iPhone era.

Apple has been talking to movie studios as long as two years ago, in an attempt to license movies for iCloud storage. This could mean files that a user already owns (legal or not) and not just iTunes-purchased movies.

Think of how Apple's app store could be opened up for people to create their own video and media-rich apps, all which would support the Apple hardware. Netflix, NBA and MLB are all already part of the current Apple TV.

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