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Hack Attack: Apple Servers Hacked By Anonymous

Hack Attack: Apple Servers Hacked By Anonymous

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By: Corey Tate
July 04, 2011

We can add Apple to the long list of casualties in the wake of the #Antisec or antisecurity campaign of this Summer. Apple was hacked by the global hacker collective Anonymous and announced via Twitter.

Anonymous published administrator user names and passwords for a server inside the Apple network. The server was used for the www.abs.apple.com website, which holds data for surveys from Apple's technical support group, and the usernames and passwords were posted to the text-sharing site Pastebin. Apple has so far declined to comment on the situation despite requests from a number of major publications including ZDNet and Reuters.

AntiSecurity group Anonymous and announced through their AnonymousIRC Twitter feed.

"Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere," they posted in a , #antisec foreshadowing of the event before the data was leaked.

LulzSec was the AntiSecurity group that did network takedowns on Sony's Qriocity, Universal Music, foreign and domestic govenmnet networks, big corporations, you get the idea ...

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