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Muve Music Hits 100,000 Users Faster than Anybody

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By: Corey Tate
July 08, 2011
Who? Muve? While everbody's been obsessing over Spotify and iCloud, Muve Music has been moving music. So much so, in fact, Muve now has over 100,000 users. That's a big deal because they just started signing up cutomers in January of this year, and doubled their user base in the last two months.

Muve is the first unlimited music service to be included as part of a wireless rate plan, meaning that when you sign up for Cricket Communications wireless plan, you get automatically opted into the Muve music service. That's the way to interpret these results, everybody that has Muve didn't choose Muve, it just came with their wireless plan.

That being said, it stands to reason that the Cricket / Muve strategy seems to be a good one. As Antony Bruno at Billboard points out, Muve has done what MOG and Rdio have failed to do in years of being around: hit the century mark in terms of hundreds of thousand of users.

"Muve Music has become one of the fastest growing music services in the country, doubling its subscriber base in just over two months," reads their press release.

So does this mean that Muve is just amassing customers but not being used? Again their press release states some Muve facts:

- Muve customers typically spend two to three hours a day listening to music on their phone (it's not clear if this is music from Muve or prexisting music in their collection)

- Muve customers download 400 songs per month

- Since the Muve Music launch, customers have downloaded more than 100 million songs

- In the month of May, over 100 million song plays took place in the Muve Music service

"According to our customer research, Muve Music scores a 90 percent satisfaction rating, and 95 percent of customers would recommend the service to family and friends," said president and CEO Cricket Communications Doug Hutcheson.

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