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HypeMachine Launches "Fast Forward" So You Can Consume More Music In Less Time

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By: Corey Tate
July 13, 2011
The Hype Machine has introduced a new feature on their web site called "Fast Forward," a quick sampling of the collective unconscious of the web, sped up for today's hyeractive and short-attention span theater.

It's sort of like Google's Fast Flip, but for music blogs rather than news web sites. Fast Forward runs on auto play, allowing you to let the blogs and music clips fly by one at a time while still preserving the option of impulsively hitting the forward button if you don't like the current song. Each song will play for only a few seconds. You can even sort by genre, allowing a sort of Hype Machine radio station selection.

Fast Forward will also let you click through to the music blog that the song came from (for deeper musical research), or the ability to add the song to your Hype Machine Favorites for later listening.

Hype Machine introduced the concept on Monday as a Beta with an announcement that read "We’ve been thinking about this idea since SXSW 2009, and after some further inspiration, thought to push this experience further. Fast Forward is like a spinning radio dial across radio stations curated by music bloggers."

So far, the only thing I can find that's lacking is that they forgot to include a visible rewind button with their Fast Forward ... the onscreen button controls only allow you to flip forward, although it appears that the back arrow on the keyboard does the trick.

Another idea that could be implemented is a slider bar allowing the user to adjust the sample time on each blog ... you could range from just a few seconds to 15 or more seconds, allowing more of a songbuild and user customization.

That said, Hype Machine's Fast Forward seems like a great idea ... It's also a great way to cover a lot of musical ground in a short amount of time.

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