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Slacker Radio Adds New Artist-Curated Stations with Sondre Lerch, Ida Maria

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By: Corey Tate
July 18, 2011

Given all of the Spotify hysteria over the past week, you'd be forgiven for temporarily forgetting that there are other streaming music services out there ... but Slacker Radio tried to jump into the PR battle for the hearts and minds (read: ears and eyeballs) of users by issuing three new Slacker Radio dedicated stations -- Ida Maria, Sondre Lerche and Matt Costa.

Slacker Radio is calling them "Indie Showcase Stations" in an attempt to make them sound sexy, and each features songs by their artist, music that they dig and "rich commentary" by the artists. I'm not sure how "rich" commentary differs from "poor" commentary or "flat" commentary, but it makes it sound so much more exciting.

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerch said that he used to pretend to be a DJ when he was younger, so his Slacker Radio artist showcase is kind of an extension of that, while also giving him an outlet to talk about the influences behind his music.

"All the songs I've chosen remind me of specific times and places so I could talk at great lengths about the things that come to mind when I play them," he said.

Each of these artist-dedicated radio stations can be found on the Slacker Radio web site at: www.Slacker.com/IdaMaria, www.Slacker.com/SondreLerche and www.Slacker.com/MattCosta, respectively. The Slacker Radio mobile app people can find the stations via their iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and BlackBerry devices. The Slacker Radio service is available in three tiers -- Slacker Basic Radio service, ad-free Slacker Radio Plus, and Slacker Premium Radio.

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