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Takin' A Dive: Last.FM Goes Offline

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By: Corey Tate
July 18, 2011

Music web site Last.FM has seen part of its web site go offline during the past 24 hours, including a database that is used for Last.FM scrobbler information, charts, libraries and radio stations. Last.FM is working to bring these services back online.

Given all of the hack attacks that have been happening, one could assume that this is another one of those, although at this time that would be unfounded and unconfirmed. It appears from the blog post that Last.FM is just experiencing database issues.

"Since 04:00 GMT on Sunday morning, the primary Radb service has been exhibiting intermittent problems meeting acceptable service levels. This means that libraries, scrobble counts and the services associated with them (stats, radio stations etc) appear to be broken when you use Last.fm," reads the post from Colin M. Strickland on the Last.FM blog.

Strickland also went on to say that backup services were failing as well, and the Last.FM team is working overtime to turn things around.

"... But since 4am on Sunday Radb has been failing. The reasons for this are unclear. Failing over to the redundant service providers helps a little, but not enough. The reasons for this are also unclear. We have engineers working flat out to diagnose this problem. "

This means that any Last.FM scrobbler and Last.FM radio services have been disabled so that they can fix the problem.

"To remove as much stress as we can from the database service layer, we have additionally disabled most of our radio, library and recommendation services, temporarily. We have also stopped accepting new scrobbles for the meantime, for a similar reason."

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